Keine Moniker is one of many alter egos of artist Lonnie Burnside otherwise known as the infamous el boogie in his new home town of Austin Texas. His new persona was developed to pursue his interest in exploring the deeper,darker side of tech house and techno. His first release will be coming out early 2012 on Halo & Nikola Baytala's new vinyl only imprint, Surface recordings.

Coming from a musical family, His passion for music began when he was only 6 years old banging on anything that produced a sound (leading to a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and prescription for ritalin for constant desk drumming during his elementary school years).From that point forward, with the help of prescribed methamphetamine, he taught himself how to play piano, saxophone guitar and just about any other instrument he could get his hands on playing various instruments in several bands ranging from gutter punk rock all the way to jazz. His interest in dance music manifested after finding himself in a vacant warehouse that had been converted into a dark throbbing techno dungeon while running from police after a highschool party he attended was broken up. Instantly mesmerized by the dj's ability turn 100's of party goers into what seemed like one living pulsing organism, he immediately picked up a set of turntables and started collecting everything he could from drum and bass to breaks to house and techno. By the time he was only 17 he was already holding down top residencies in his home town of corpus christi tx, and quickly became one of the most prominent djs in the city. After attending a local community college and accompanying several local jazz bands as a pianist and saxophonist. his interest manifested into production and more jazz oriented deeper house music influenced heavily by san fransisco's deep house legend and naked music owner Miguel Migs. 

After a move to Austin in 2006 he quickly obtained notoriety playing along side Austins house music legend and icon J.A.M.O.N. where he rode the Chicago house wave hosting several residencies together and even collaborating on several notable productions that were later charted by mark farina & inland knights released under the moniker (NU JAXX). His southern boy charm, sense of humor, humble & positive attitude and unyielding ability to destroy the dance floor has made him one of the most prominent and sought after Dj's in Texas. He currently Host 4 well known residencies at the most respected dance music venues in town: [bas_mrkt] at lanai rooftop lounge {abstraKt} at the most well known and longest running house music venue plush, werk/IT at Lanai and most recently a saturday after hrs and sunday night party at austins newest premiere house & techno venue "Kingdom" ..

His interest in darker tech house and techno began to surface thanks in large part to a mind blowing 8 hr set by Richie Hawtin. Since then his taste have been influenced heavily by the tracky-percussive movements from steve lawler, paco osuna and by the deep smooth & sexxie with a unique twist of synthetic "weird" vocal laden music from Seth troxler and  konrad black .During his musical voyage into the depths of the underground he as shared the stage and worked with such notable and cutting edge artists' as:

Konrad Black-wagon repair. (desolat | get physical)

Seth Troxler (wolf&lamb/ministry of sound)

Alland Byallo(leibe*detail),

Tanner Ross/voodeux(wolf&lamb)

Nikola Baytalla (surfacerecords)

P.toile (mothership)

Dave Aju (circus company)

THREE-(hallucination ltd)

Halo (city deep & surface records)

inland knights (drop music)

Craig Hamilton-(flatpack traxx/6th sense recordings)

Joey Youngman (OMrecords/jackin trax/fetish)

DJ Heather (OM records)

Derrick Carter (classic recordings)

Onionz (OM, intec recordings)

Mark Farina (OMrecords)

Pezzner (OMrecords)

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